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How to Copy a 3D Wood Carving

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Update time : 2020-06-02 15:38:11

Carving with lumber is an ancient art. There are many ways ought carve wood, besides what if you lack ought invent a wooden carving that is a copy of another object? There are little ways ought conduct that, too, depending above your expertise, budget and the demands of the job. at this tutorial we'll accept a basic emerge at some techniques during duplicating a wooden carving.

1. use or rent a Wood CNC Router

1) These will compose technically precise duplicates. You can reproduce these above and above again at a "factory" manner, getting an almost perfect, if no exact, duplicate.
  • "CNC" stands during Computer Numerical Control. The specs of your replica used to exist loaded into a computer processor, which used to then guide the cutting.
  • You can buy these machines at a kind of models and makes. Some use a laser ought conduct the cutting, others use cutting tools or even plasma cutters. Most machines of this friendly fare upwards of $60,0000 accordingly turning your carving above ought a professional (also called a milliner) during mass duplication above one of these machines is possibly your best bet.
  • One advantage ought the cnc machine is you are no limited at materials. You can invent metal, flexible or even jewellery duplicates of you source object.

2. #2 use a family Workshop Duplication Jig

1) buy a kit or vertical a duplication jig. A jig is a device that controls the motion of another cutting tool. Jigs permit you compose precise duplicates at a repeatable way.
  • For a 3-dimensional finish you will lack a jig that can face at complete directions. during copying a relaxation you will sole lack two dimensions of movement.
  • You can vertical one of these machines yourself and equip it with a router, or you can buy a kit at a rational cost.
  • Duplication machines and jigs are based above an ancient technique called a pantograph, which uses the fundamental of similar lines ought invent a duplicate.

3. #3 Hand-Carve a Copy

1) rough out your chosen lumber ought the faithful size and shape.

2) site the creative down at a tray and cover it with water or an opaque liquid.

3) accept out enough water ought disclose fair the highest divide of the object.

4) Carve that divide into your vacant bit of lumber using whatever carving technique you dine chosen (knife, chisel, router etc).

5) tolerate exposing more of the creative bit and carving that divide into your new block.

6) Continually refrain your measurements and drawing against the creative during repeatedly during you lack to, using your micrometer and calipers.

7) permit out more water and possess going till you've exposed the complete finish and carved the duplicate.
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