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K40 eBay Chinese CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver - How to Etch a Glass Mirror!

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Update time : 2021-04-12 10:40:15

Rhino popular co2 laser cutter R-6090 

CO2 Laser engraving machine is a common advertising equipment. Laser engraving machines can be divided into: carbon dioxide (CO2) type, galvanometer (GALVANOMETER) type and YAG type.
As per working size,power,speed etc then laser cutting laser engraving machine can be divided into more types. But for economic glass etch and engraving only co2 laser cutting engraving machine.
In the video it is our popular co2 laser cutter laser engraving machine R-6090 with table size 600mmx900mm and 80w laser tube that professional for glass,mirror etching and engarving.

With the development of laser technology and the continuous improvement of automation level, laser engraving machines are increasingly widely used in the glass industry, and their excellent performance advantages are gradually replacing traditional processing methods. The laser engraving machine can leave a clear and textured lasting mark pattern on the glass surface. At the same time, it cannot be modified by friction. This has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. This is undoubtedly not an advantage for the current fiercely competitive glass industry.

Below are some features of Rhino co2 laser cutting engraving machine R-6090 for glass etching:

1. Rhino co2 Glass laser engraving patterns are more exquisite:
The glass laser engraving pattern is generally in a fixed position, and the entire engraving range is very small, so it requires a very professional engraving machine to perform fine engraving to complete it. Traditional hand engraving will cause inaccurate engraving positions, and the engraving patterns will also vary due to different craftsmanship. The glass laser engraving machine has intelligent alignment, and the size and position of the laser pattern are uniform, so the carved pattern is very exquisite.

2. Glass laser engraving saves costs:
Compared with traditional welding and cutting methods, ultraviolet laser engraving is a cold light processing technology, which does not have the influence of high temperature and will not cause deterioration of the glass. Moreover, the laser engraving machine does not need to contact the glass during processing, because the working principle of the laser is non-contact beam focusing. Glass is a relatively expensive processing material. The laser head does not directly contact the glass material and will not burn the glass material. That is, Save a lot of material loss costs for enterprises.

3. Rhino co2 Glass laser engraving machine has fast processing speed:
Glass engraving uses a laser engraving machine, which is very fast. Some small patterns can be completed in just a few seconds. It not only solves the problem of glass material loss, but also enables batch assembly line production, creating greater economic benefits for enterprises. The glass laser engraving machine supports the output of PLT, BMP, DXF, DST, T100 and other formats. You only need to process the file and transfer it to the computer system configured with the laser engraving machine. The laser engraving machine can easily cut the glass material according to the graphic. Engraved image. The processing technology of glass laser engraving machines will continue to be improved in the future. The efficiency of engraving processing will be higher, the consumption will be lower, the laser beam quality will be higher, the equipment operation performance will be better, and it will develop into digitalization and intelligence, saving enterprises More costs create greater benefits.

The detail specifications of R-6090 co2 laser cutting engrtaving machine:



R-6090 laser cutting and engraving machine

▶ Laser type

CO2 laser tube, water-cooled

▶ Laser power8

0W laser tube RECI brand TWO PIECES

▶ Working area

1400mm x 1000mm (width x length)

▶ Engraving speed


▶ Cutting speed


▶ Repeating location


▶ Transmission type

Belt transmission

▶ Driving system

stepper motor

▶ Machine table

Honeycomb working table 

▶ Support language

English,Spanish,Russia,France,Arabic etc

▶ Graphic format supported


▶ Software supported

CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Tajima

▶ Control system

RDCAM software

▶ Working voltage

220V or 110V, 50Hz-60Hz

▶ Applicable Industries:

Kitchen,furniture,electronic components, glass,plexglass, MDF, hardware, acrylic, non metal materials industry,Sign industry etc

▶ Applicable Materials:

Non-metal materials like acrylic,plastic,pvc,wood,colored boards,paper,leather,shells,ABS boards,stone,glass etc

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