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R-1390 100W Laser Cutter and Engraver - Cutting Padding Material

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Update time : 2020-06-30 14:16:48

R-1390 100W Laser Cutter and Engraver - Cutting Padding Material

We are good manufacture of co2 laser cutting machine for all kinds of soft materials like foam,EVA,PP,Conductive cotton etc.
In the video is our co2 laser cutting machine R-1390 for soft padding cutting with high precision and fast speed.


R-1390 is with 100w laser tube that professional for:
1. PTFE gasket cutting, PTFE, graphite gasket, rubber gasket, asbestos-free, sealing gasket, cork gasket, cork gasket cutting etc.
2. Sealing gasket padding cutting: gasket, glass fiber, carbon fiber, polyester fiber, copper foil, aluminum foil, membrane, membrane switch, dimming film, explosion-proof film, protective film, insulating film, thermal conductive film, thermal insulation film, EVA sponge, Yoga mats, pearl cotton, curtain carpets, car interior floor mats, car stickers, advertising printing, soft glass, soft PVC crystal mats, cardboard, corrugated paper, honeycomb cartons, glitter paper, color box packaging, composite sealing ring materials, genuine leather Leather, clothing fabrics, PU soles, rubber, silicone, gray boards, KT boards, solar panels, composite materials, plush toys, soft magnets, self-adhesive, labels, medical accessories, dust-free cloth, non-woven protective clothing, etc.

What is advantages of R-1390 laser cutting machine for padding cutting:
1. High accuracy. positioning accuracy is ±0.01mm. Cutting accuracy also needs to consider the elastic change of the material, which can be up to ±0.02mm.

2. The cutting speed is fast. The equipment adopts the self-developed cutting system and is matched with the servo system. The operating speed can reach 2000mm/s. The general cutting speed of materials is within 200-2000mm/s.

3. Save materials. The equipment comes with a computer typesetting system. Compared with manual typesetting, equipment typesetting can save more than 15% of materials.

Detail specifications of R-1390:


R-1390 laser cutting and engraving machine

▶ Laser type

CO2 laser tube, water-cooled

▶ Laser power

100W laser tube RECI brand TWO PIECES

▶ Working area

1300mm x 900mm (width x length)

▶ Engraving speed


▶ Cutting speed


▶ Repeating location


▶ Transmission type

Belt transmission

▶ Driving system

stepper motor

▶ Machine table

Honeycomb working table 

▶ Support language

English,Spanish,Russia,France,Arabic etc

▶ Graphic format supported


▶ Software supported

CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Tajima

▶ Control system

RDCAM software

▶ Working voltage

220V or 110V, 50Hz-60Hz

▶ Applicable Industries:

Kitchen,furniture,electronic components, glass,plexglass, MDF, hardware, acrylic, non metal materials industry,Sign industry etc

▶ Applicable Materials:

Non-metal materials like acrylic,plastic,pvc,wood,colored boards,paper,leather,shells,ABS boards,stone,glass etc

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