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Some New Design Smallest Fiber Laser 20w (Mobile Phone System Supported)

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Author : Andy wong
Update time : 2023-05-17 16:09:15
Some New Design Smallest Fiber Laser 20w (Mobile Phone System Supported)
As laser technology innovated and develops continuously,there have more and more new deisgns fiber laser and more convenient to operate. Here we share with you some desktop small size new design fiber laser with 20w Raycus fiber source and also support mobile phone system ISO&Andriod,so the operation is very convenient and easily.

Model 1:

This is a wonderful 20w new deisgn fiber laser machine,
20w raycus fiber source
EZCAD original software
Beijing Laser head 
Whole aluminum machine structure 
MW laser power supply 
Small size and easy  to operate 
The software takes care of most of the heavy lifting. Line spacing resolution improves greatly.
DPI for images doubles. Speed goes through the roof.
The only learning curve really is frequency, speed and power. If you have experience for co2 laser machine operation, fiber laser RF-20Q won't take you long time to pick up

Model 2:

This fiber laser marking machine RF-20P can work with mobile phone ISO and Andriod latest system well, the software is EZCAD original also.
Marking size 200mmx200mm and 110mmx110mm for option.
Laser power max 20w that can mark all kinds of metal well like stainless steel, carbon steel,m copper,brass,aluminu,gold,silver etc

RF-20P is a good all around machine. Nice frequency range and enough power to handle depth engraving.
As for designing, a lot can be done in EZCAD software and lightburn. Otherwise, it's choosing your preferred software and learning how to use it, either by tutorials and practice or training. We use photoshop and illustrator because that is what we often use.
Many choose corel. Some use Inkscape because it's free. We do know lightburn works really well with illustrator. It's mainly learning how to create vectors and layer them, and remembering that laser engraving is different in that just because you can't see it doesn't mean it won't engrave it. The parts of layers that are hidden behind other layers don't just disappear like they do in a print/screen. You have to disappear them yourself.
Above is some software that we recommeded to you if you want to purchase this new design fiber laser.

If you want to learn more detail information and working videos for above mini small size new design fiber laser ,just contact us at anytime!

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