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Metal Molds Solution
Metal Molds Milling and Carving by Rhino Metal CNC Router

Metal Molds Milling and Carving by Rhino Metal CNC Router

Rhino metal cnc router is good for all kinds of metal molds making like 
hardware, lighting, ornaments, handicrafts, clocks, glasses, mobile phone (touch screen production, PC key processing), watches (including watch shell, watch shaft, watch belt) plastic, medical (tooth carving) mahogany furniture, jade carving, shoe making (shoe mold), handboard production, printing, and various small and medium-sized jigs, copper mold, steel mold, aluminum mold and other molds Fine processing of products 

Rhino metal cnc rouer working video

Detail specifications
Model R-3030 R-4040 R-6060 R-6090
Working size 300*300/400*400*160mm/600*600mm
Table size 480*450mm
Body structure Cast iron body
Working table T-SLOT with water table
Working accuracy ±0.05mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Traveling speed 40m/min
Working speed 25m/min
spindle 2.2KW water cooling spindle
Spindle rotary speed 0-24000rpm
Control system Ncstudio system
Drive and motor Stepper motor and drivers
Transmission mode Gear wheel for XY axis HIWIN square rail, ball screw for Z axis HIWIN square rail
Working voltage AC220V/60HZ&50hz
Command language G-code,*u00,*mmg,*plt
Software Artcam
Cutters 2 pieces with diameter of 3mm/4mm/6mm/8mm
Water pump Available
X/Y/Z axis ball screw TBI ball screw
Machine manual Available
Machine weight 600kg
Guide rail 20 Square rail ( Taiwan HIWIN)
Packaging Measure 140cm*140cm*180cm

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