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Gold Silver Laser Welding Machine / YAG Laser Welding Machine 200w for Jewelry

Item No.: R-200W
Rhino Jewelry Laser Welding Machine is designed for the processing of small parts, especially for gold and silver jewelry hole, spot weld lines, Mosaic parts welding.
Gold Silver Laser Welding Machine 200w for Jewelry 
Laser welding machine 200w
Rhino Jewelry Laser Welding Machine is designed for the processing of small parts, especially for gold and silver jewelry hole, spot weld lines, Mosaic parts welding.

The laser spot welding machine can weld gold, silver, platinum, titanium and its alloy, electric nickel belt and other materials.
It is widely applied for jewelry, medical parts, watches gossamer, integrated circuit, all kinds of tiny heat sensitive parts of precision welding, electronics, communications, machinery, automotive, military, gold jewelry and other industries.


Features of Jewelry Spot Laser Welding Machine

Jewelry laser welding machines have many advantages, such as fast speed, high efficiency, large depth, small deformation, small heat affected zone, high welding quality, and pollution-free welding points. Therefore, they are widely used in industries such as aviation, aerospace, sports goods, jewelry, golf heads, medical equipment, aluminum alloy dentures, instruments, electronics, mechanical processing, and automobiles.

1.Energy, pulse width, frequency, spot size, etc. can be adjusted in a larger range to achieve a variety of welding results. Parameters from the closed chamber control rod adjustment, simple and efficient;

2.Adopting imported ceramic condenser cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature, high efficiency of photoelectric conversion, life span of concentrating cavity (8-10 years), life of xenon lamp of the laser spot welding machine are all more than 8 million times;

3.The use of the world's most advanced automatic shading system, eliminating the time in the work of the eye irritation;

4.With 24-hour continuous working capacity, machine performance and stability;

5.Humanized design, ergonomic, long hours of work is not fatigue;

6.Main advantages: fast, high efficiency, large depth, small deformation, heat affected zone is small, high quality welding, solder joint pollution-free, high efficiency and environmental protection.

Model R-200W
Power Peak 200w
Wavelength 1064nm
Power Consumption 3KW
Pulse Energy 50J
Laser Focus 110mm
Pulse Frequency ≤0.1-20Hz
Pulse Width ≤15ms
Protection Gas Single
Voltage 220V/110V
Observation System Microscope 10X or CCD camera
Cooling Inner Water Cooled
Controls Touch Screen or Joystick
Language Chinese/English
Protective Gas Argon
Dimension 850*550*650mm
Net Weight 85kgs
Package Size 940*650*750mm
Package Weight 100kgs

Jewelry Welding samples 
jewellery laser welding machine sample

Service of Rhino CNC &LASER

Quality assurance measures
Our company strictly according to the prevailing international ISO9001;2008 quality system management, in order to guarantee the quality of the product, prevent insulate the next procedure, from initial inventory of raw materials to the factory to as incoming goods inspection, process inspection and final inspection, through implementing effective control of the production process, to effectively control the quality of the products purpose, to ensure that all the factory products are qualified products.
2).Ensure delivery time measures
The production and business operation strictly according to ISO9001 quality system operation, from sign a contract to deliver the customer the whole process of use is strictly controlled, all contracts are after review, therefore, this system can ensure supplier quality, on time and in quality and delivery products.
3)Packing, shipping and delivery time
packing in international packaging standard. Our machine will be packed in strong wooden case, it is suitable for the long distance bus transport or the train transportation, moisture, rust and shock, prevent rough handling, suitable for integral lifting. All the parts of the equipment according to the standard packaging, each packing boxes with detailed packing list

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