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China 1325 Table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router Machining Center for Woodworking Model Sculpture Statue

Item No.: RSKM1325-5 Axis
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  • 5 Axis CNC Router: China 1325 Table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router Machining Center for Woodworking Model Sculpture Statue
  • $36000.00
    Description Video

    China 1325 Table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router Machining Center for Woodworking Model Sculpture Statue
    1325 single table moving 5 axis cnc router machining center

    China Rhino 1300mmx2500mm large single table moving 5 axis cnc router machining center is the most popular model machine in market with cheap price and high quality working performance.
    4x8ft large table moving with z axis 1000mm that have multi functions as Milling Cutting Engraving Trimming Drilling on soft metal Aluminum,wood plastic foam EPS Styrofoam blocks etc
    Now RSKM1325-5 Axis price for sale !

    Main features of 1325 single table moving 5 axis cnc router machining center :

    1. Germany DAMES Professional 5 axis head L500 series with high precision and fast speed and heavy load
    2. TBI ball screw / high accurate rack for transmission in X/Y/Z axis 
    3. Large size table moving that can process diffrerent dimension mould and sculptures maximum 2000mmx2000mm
    4. Italy Hiteco brand fast speed 5 axis spindle motor 10kw with 0-24000rpm water cooled type and air cooling both no problem
    5. TAIWAN Syntec intelligent 5 axis PLC control system with separate control panel 
    6. TAIWAN Syntec EtherCAT Bus servo motor drivers with simple connection, easy operation and fast reaction speed features
    7. This machine with spindle 0-360 degree are mainly used for milling, cutting,engraving,slotting,trimming,drilling different models and sculptures 
    8. The most important of o ur table moving 5 axis cnc machine price is so much reasonable than DMS 5 axis cnc router machine, but all components and electronic parts are more famous and long time to use.
    9. No matter one table or two tables moving both we can make with high quality 
    10. We offer you PowerMill and its post processer whole one set together with machine and we offer you training online until you learn it well.


    Application of 5 Axis CNC Router RSKM1325-5 axis:
    1. Automobile Related - Unibody vehicle models, interior assemblies, parts molds / patterns.
    2. Aviation Related - Parts molds /patterns, Propellers, Turbine Blades.
    3. Composite Materials - Vacuum forming, Fiberglass parts, Rubber components.
    4. Foundry -Wooden patterns, Lost-foam casting patterns, Composite material patterns.
    5. Furniture Manufacturers - Wooden chairs, chairs leg,Mortise and tenon, Solid wood curved surfaces, Hand rail elbow.
    6. Maritime Related - Parts molds / patterns, Turbine Blades.
    7. Modeling Related - Any kind of 3D shapes, Real estate Models.
    8. Sculpture / Scene Making Related - Theme park decorations, Movie props, Humanoid


    Applicable Materials:
    PS / PU / PMI foams, Carbon fibers, Plastics, Tooling boards / Blocks, Fiberglass, Modeling clay,
    Composite materials, Wooden materials, Solid woods, Aluminum, and many other non-metal materials.

    Technical details of 5 axis CNC Router RSKM1325-5 Axis:
    Item Main specifications

    Working space
    X axis working space mm 1600
    Y axis working space mm 2500
    Z axis working space mm 800
    A axis working space ° ± 110
    C axis working space ° ±360
    Gantry width mm 3050
    Z axis height range mm 150~950

    Working table
    Table size m 1.6x2.5
    Max loading of table t 1
    T-SLOT size / Customized

    Maximum cutting speed X/Y/Z m/min 10/10/10
    Maximum cutting speed A/C °/s 120/120
    Fast movement speed X/Y/Z m/min 30/30/15
    Fast movement speed X/Y/Z m/s2 2.5/2.5/2.5
    Fast movement speed A/C °/s2 60/60

    5 axis DAMES brand L500
    Drive mode   Electronic spindle
    Spindle rpm rpm 24000
    Spindle power (S1/S6) kW 3
    Spindle torque (S1/S6) N.m  
    Spindle taper hole /  

    ATC Tool magazine
    Tools quantity T Option
    Tool holder model T  
    Max diameter of tool mm 40
    Max length of tool mm 100
    Max weight of tool kg 1

    Positioning accuracy (execution standard) 
    GB/T 17421.2-2000)
    X axis mm 0.2
    Y axis mm  0.25
    Z axis mm 0.15
    A axis ″  ±5″
    C axis ″  ±5″
    Repetitive positioning accuracy (execution standard) GB/T 17421.2-2000) X axis mm 0.02
    Y axis mm 0.015
    Z axis mm 0.012
    A axis ″  ±3″
    C axis ″  ±3″

    Total current kVA 30
    Control system / SYNTEC
    Total weight t about 4
    Total dimension mm About 4000x3100x3600

    We focus on your need any machine table size can be customized as per your detail requirements. 

    Rhino 5 axis CNC machine center RSKM1325-5 axis Detail Components:

    1. Rhino 5 axis cnc router structure and table heavy type total machine weight more than 4000kg
    Large Moving Table 5-Axis CNC Machine Center table

    2. DAMES 5 axis head and Italy Hiteco water cooling spindle with B/c AXIS that can rotate 360 degree 
    Large Moving Table 5-Axis CNC Machine Center spindle

    3. PLC 5 axis Syntec control program with control panel, hand wheel and remote wireless wheel .
    Syntec servo motor and drivers equipped with Syntec system make sure value transfer fast and no mistake.

    Large Moving Table 5-Axis CNC Machine Center DMS 5 Axis CNC Router control panel

    4. Our moving table 5 axis cnc router also can make double tables with 4 spindle heads making diversified working performance , also increase working efficiency. 
    Large Moving Table 5-Axis CNC Machine Center DMS 5 Axis CNC Router 1

    We have better machine structure and components with advanced 5 axis technology, but our machine price is much cheaper than DMS CNC 5 axis routerssmiley

    Detail accessories of 5 Axis CNC Router RSKM1325-5 axis :
    1. 5 pieces customized long length milling tools for EPS, foam,aluminum etc
    2. AC air-condition included for control box cooling 
    3. Machine operation video, installation drawing and operation manual in CD
    4. Seprate remote control handle 
    5. Automatic tool changer tools and holder 12 pieces
    6. Industry water chiller for spindle cooling use 
    7. Operation tool box one set
    8. Software and post processer in CD 
    9. Automatic tool sensor high precision one set 

    Standard packing list :
    Number Item Quantity Remark
    1 Block of leveling the base 1 set  
    2 Machine transportation protection bracket 1 set  
    3 Tools 1 set  
    Accessories documents:
    Number Item Quantity remark
    1 Certificate of Compliance 1  set  
    2 Packing list 1 set  
    3 Manual 1 set  
    4 Electrical instruction 1 set  
    5 Schematic diagram 1 set  
    6 Syntec manual 1 set  
    7 Syntec program manual 1 set  
    8  A/C link movement manual 1 set  
    9  Spindle manual 1 set  
    10 Water chiller manual 1 set  
    Samples made by 5 Axis Rhino CNC Machine Center:

    Q1, Could you make different table size as per my requirement?
    A: Yes, we can customize any table working size and we will make drawing after that then show to you for your confirmation , after confirm no problem we start production.

    Q2, What software and post processer you will supply together with this machine ?
    A: We have professional Powermill and UG software to help you make design and with their 5 axis post processer to offer to you.
    The most popular 5 axis post processer is PowerMill 2017 version with its PM 5 axis post processer.

    Q3,If I buy this machine what is kind of service I can get:
    A:Machine warranty 2 years for free and long life time serice and we have professional engineers who are responsible for service. We offer online/telephone/email service 7x24 hours.
    We have online talking group in WhatsApp and Wechat with engineers and customers 

    Q4,What information you need to know before I get offer from you?
    A:Firstly we need to know the working size you need and what is materials you want to mill and process so that we will offer you the best solution for this 5 axis cnc router machine 

    Q5,What is the delivery time for this 5 axis cnc machine ?
    A:Usually we can make it ready within 30 days and need 3-5 days to inspect it perfectly with high accurate and good working performance then can delivery immediately

    Q6,How to use this software and can i get training from your side?
    A:Yes, we have engineer who work this two softwares so you can come our factory or we send them to your company to give you training 

    Q7,Could you customized this 5 axis cnc router machine as per our detail requirement?
    A:Yes, you give us all your detail requests and we make agreement then start machine productime 

    Machine package and delivery photos:


    Do you want to know more about Rhino CNC?

    More questions you may have welcome to contact us at anytime by mail/phone/wechat etc

    China 1325 Table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router Machining Center for Woodworking Model Sculpture Statue

    This is Rhino diverse Mini Table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router RSKM25-AB with single table size 800mmx800mmx600mm.
    In the video it is engraving a 3D flower sculpture with 5 axis RTCP function.
    If you want to know more welcome to visit us:
    WhatsApp (008613165312821) /
    Wechat (13165312821)
    Email: serena2009@rhinocnclaser.com


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