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Precision 5-Axis CNC Router for Advanced Mold Making & Sculpting

Item No.: RSKM25-HB
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Min.Order Quantity:
1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability:
1000 Set/Sets per Month
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Precision 5-Axis CNC Router for Advanced Mold Making & Sculpting

Experience next-level precision and flexibility with our industry-leading CNC machine, designed for the ambitious mold maker and sculptor.

Unmatched Precision & Versatility

Our 5-Axis CNC Router is engineered to transform complex designs into tangible products with unmatched accuracy, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of materials and applications.

Innovative Design & Technology

Featuring state-of-the-art technology and innovative design, this machine offers superior control and precision for all your mold making needs, from foam to aluminum.

Why Choose Our 5-Axis CNC Router

With its advanced capabilities and user-friendly interface, our CNC router stands out as the premier choice for professionals looking to push the boundaries of creativity and precision.

Applications & Materials

Perfect for a variety of materials, including foam, aluminum, and more, our CNC router is versatile enough to handle everything from car and boat molds to intricate sculptures.

This 5 Axis CNC Router RSKM25-HZ is our large working size 5 axis cnc router machine. It only with two walls and z axis can be 2000mm no problem. 
Suitable for large project like cars,boats,aviation area etc .

Application field of 5 axis cnc router RSKM25-HB:

1.Composite materials industry

2.Trimming of Blister products
Cars,project cars,aerospace interior decoration etc

3.Casting industry

4.Ceramic bathroom

5.Woodworking furniture and crafts etc

Working materials of 5 axis cnc router machine:

Soft and hard metals such as carbon fiber, FRP, composite, PMI foam, polyurethane foam, functional foam, resin, wood, honeycomb, plastic, oil sludge and other non-metallic materials and aluminum alloys.

Advantages of 5 axis cnc router RSKM-HB:

1. Totally machine is with X/Y/Z/A/B five aixs fast working efficiency

2. This machine is equipped with half cover or full cover with advantaged dust system to keep environment more clean in working.

3. This machine is without working table only two walls and gantry working. 

4. Diversified control processing speed can control the working speed, traveling speed, dropping tool speed, lowering tool speed, greatly improve the quality and efficiency.

5.Intelligent processing cross-border protection function can prevent mechanical collision due to excessive processing of design file.

6. Z-axis travel can be heightened to 2.1 meters, so that very suitable for processing large-scale three-dimensional surface.

7. Adopt TAIWAN Syntec 8axis numerical control system, high machining accuracy and high speed.

8. The Japan THK rails.and the Germany original rotating arm ensure the accuracy and strength of the mechanical

9. Advanced Syntec system with intelligent program 

10. You no need prepare separate post processor just make a suitable 5 axis design in softare then input Syntec system then will be ok.

Main components of 5 axis CNC Router:

1. Machine system is Taiwan Syntec 8 axis new generation control system.It can be connected with many software, which has the characteristics of simple operation, fast processing speed and stable operation

2. All axis adopt HIWIN30 square rail and helical rack pinion also from Taiwan, the rail way we use whole one piece no broken to make sure working more smooth 

3. Spindle motor we use HSD high accurate wood mould 5 axis ATC cnc router with BT40 or ISO40 and this spindle can rotate 360 degree with low noise and fast speed


4. Machine software and program is with breakpoint memory function can automatically memorize breakpoints in case of unexpected cutter breakage and power failure, and realize the function of continuous processing at breakpoints and Intelligent cross-border protection function can prevent excessive processing caused by machine collision

5. Wireless handle that operation is more convenient. It can realize virtual processing, actual processing, locating the origin, suspending and other operations

6. The USB interface and the processing program can be directly processed from the U disk.

7. Syntec brand servo motor drivers with connection directly from control panel avoid all problems in signal transmission 

8. Automatic tool changer is Linear tool changer 12 pcs with BT40/ISO40 tool holder and max support 20 pcs automatic tool changer 

9. We use the same brand motor and drivers from Syntec that can work more better with system 1.1kw motor is strong enough and enclosed loop working way to make sure mold products surface perfectly more smooth 


Main technical parameters of Rhino 5 Axis CNC Router RSKM25-HB:
Machine Features  
Max working space 2000*3000*2000mm
Machine travel space X:2650MM Y:3700MM Z:2000MM
Spindle 10kw HSD spindle, 1000-24000rpm
Motor Syntec Servo motor and driver
Moving mode Gantry moving
C travelling ±180°
A travelling ±360°
Beam spacing(MM) 4260
Beam Height(MM) 2150
Machiine frame Cast processiong with cnc center 
Machine table  without 
Tool magazine Linear tool tool magazine (6 positions)
X, Y, Z Travelling Potioning Accuracy ±0.03/300mm
X, Y, Z Travelling Repositioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Frame Cast steel
X, Y structure rack and pinion drive, THK rail linear bearing from Japan
Max Rapid Travel Rate 45,000mm/min
Max working speed 30,000mm/min
Z Axis 20m/min
c Axis 20m/min
A Axis 20m/min
Machine size 4260*2150*3300
Total Power(kw) 24KW
Maximum lifting weights 20T
Working voltage AC380V/50Hz
Command languages G code,F/S
Control system Syntec from taiwan 
Collet BT40/ISO40
Limit switch Omron

Optional parts from 5 axis cnc router RSKM25-HB

We offer customers all kinds of solutions with different brand components to meet all your needs from all over the world

If you want a cheaper solution we have China made 10kw 5axis ATC spindle that already tested working perfectly

2.Machine motor drivers:
We have Taiwan Delta/Japan Yaskawa servo/Panasonic servo etc very famous brand to exchange with Syntec brand servo 

3.Machine control system:
We also use OSAI/MACH3/WEIHOHG etc system that support 5 axis no problem

4. Software:
If you need post processor from us we have Powermill and alphcam with training together offer 

Machine working photos:

Machine detail components photos:

HSD 5AXIS ATC spindle that can rotate 0-360 degree flexible

Original HIWIN/PMI30 square rail and helical rack pinion from Taiwan make sure milling work perfectly effect

Syntec system board 

Syntec brand servo motors total 4 sets 11kw

Linear tool changer with tools 20 pcs 

Automatic tool sensor movable that can test the distance between spindle and material 

How we package this machine 
Our service 

1.) International quality certificate: FDA,CE, ISO9001 SGS etc.Warranty.

2.) Machine spare parts and repair service is offered in lifetime.

3.) Demand research, technical Seminar, las er application testing and samplings service.

4.) 30 domestic technicians, 10 oversea technicians, 5 online engineers, 24 hours technical online、
support by E-mail,Skype online contact software or door-to-door service.

5.) 3-5 days free machine training when visit our factory .

6.) 3 years on parts from date of shipping date, Life-time technical support.



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1、Who are we?
Jinan Rhino CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, specializes in manufacturing CNC routers and laser machines, serving a global clientele from over 50 countries.
2、How can we guarantee quality?
Quality assurance comes from our dedication to precision manufacturing, rigorous testing processes, and our commitment to continuous improvement in technology and service.
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Our product lineup includes 5-axis CNC routers, woodworking CNC routers, laser cutting machines, and more, catering to a variety of industrial and creative needs.
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Rhino CNC stands out for its global presence, innovative solutions, exceptional customer service, and commitment to quality and technological advancement.
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We offer comprehensive after-sales support, including 24online assistance, ensuring that our clients' operations remain smooth and efficient.

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