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By Nina Wong | 17 March 2024 | 0 Comments

How to Calibrate 5 Axis CNC Router ?

How to Calibrate 5-Axis CNC Router ?

Talking about how to calibrate 5 axis cnc router, we have to point the very important RTCP function in 5 axis machines. Because only machine software is with RTCP function means this is a true 5 axis cnc maching center and When processing a new workpiece every time, there is no need to measure the length of the tool center when changing tools. The operation become very simple, reducing tool setting time and improving processing efficiency.

So calibrating a 5-axis CNC router is crucial for precision and accuracy in machining. The process involves several steps, each designed to fine-tune the machine's performance.


Calibration Main Steps

1. Machine Inspection before power on
2. Power On
3. Reference Point Setup
4. Software Configuration
5. RTCP function calibration
6. Other settings in PLC 
7. Testing and Fine-Tuning
8. Periodic Maintenance


1. Machine Inspection:
Before power on you have to check machine around carefully to make sure no any physical damage, loose parts, or debris that could affect calibration.
Make sure oil box have full oil and set well every hours oil adding to all rails XYZAB automatically

2. Power On :
Turn on machine and operate machine with handwheel for XYZAB 5 axis to make sure all axis move smoothly no noise and obstructions. Set speed no need fast with proper speed .

3. Reference Point Setup:
Set a reference point means home point at left lower corner for XYZ axis and AB axis to 0 as home point. This is the basic before start machine calibration .

How to set home point of AB axis:
Absolute zero position.  After installing the relevant instruments, turn off the RTCP function, move the Z-axis with the handwheel, detect the deviation of the A-axis (at this time, the A-axis is at the zero position) and put the detected The error is compensated to the system's zero return preset value parameter AXSZPR (AM). After compensation, the A-axis is returned to zero, the zero point deviation of A is re-detected, and compensation is repeated until the zero point deviation of the A-axis reaches the accuracy standard requirements.

4. Software Configuration :
Usually the popular 5 axis cnc router PLC program have Syntec 610MA-E5 (best one ) and BAOYUAN 5 axis system (recommend ) for option .
Use the CNC control software to adjust settings for each axis, including step per unit, velocity, and acceleration.

5. RTCP function calibration :
Rotate spindle and let it drill on surface of wood sample with horizontal 90 degrees front.back,left and right direction. Must make sure the point is same middle locaiton 100% no error.
Video and result like below :

6. Other settings in PLC :
1). Calibration of mechanical coordinate system: It is required that the mechanical coordinate system of the five axis cnc router is consistent with the coordinate system of CAD/CAM software. It can be set and calibrated through software to ensure the accuracy of the engraving machine's coordinates during engraving.
2). Adjusting processing parameters: Depending on the different processing materials and carving objects, it is necessary to adjust the processing parameters, including the settings of cutting speed, tool radius, cutting depth, and other parameters.
3). Calibration of machine zero point: The position of the machine zero point also affects the accuracy of the five axis engraving machine. The position and calibration method of the machine's zero point can be set to ensure the accuracy of the machine's zero point position

7. Testing and Fine-Tuning :
Now most setting and calibration are finished, usually we need input a g-code file into Syntec 5 axis system to test machine working performance. The right g-code made need professional power processer to assiste like Powermill and Artcam etc.

5 axis cnc router calibration is not a easy job but you can do it perfectly if carefully to test. Different machine the main calibration steps have some difference.
The precision adjustment of the five axis cnc center requires simultaneous adjustment of the mechanical part and setting of software parameters. Users need to be proficient in operating methods and use appropriate tools and techniques to adjust in order to achieve higher machining accuracy and efficiency.


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