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By Nina Wong | 31 May 2024 | 0 Comments

What is the Popular Software Used in CNC Router Machines?

CNC Router 3 axis,4 axis and 5 axis are becoming more and more popular in modern industry.  Now it is important to choose a proper software to make a perfect design and input into cnc router to get the good working performance. Here we suggest you some free and good use software maybe help you in this industry.

1. ArtCam
ArtCam is a relatively traditional engraving machine optimization software that has a wealth of engraving tools and templates, providing users with precise engraving and cutting tools. Through ArtCam, you can easily convert your design into machine code, allowing carving machines to efficiently and accurately complete their work.
Advantages: Popular in all over the world , easy to learn and operate 

2. VCarve Pro
VCarve Pro is an advanced 3D design and carving software that allows users to complete complex designs in a short amount of time, with an intuitive interface and easy to learn tools. VCarve Pro can automate most design and manufacturing processes, significantly improving production efficiency.
Advantages: Powerful functions 

3. Mach3
Mach3 is a software used to control CNC machines, which can make the machine run better and improve production efficiency. Through Mach3, users can control various parameters and operations of the machine to achieve the best carving results.
Advantages: Popular and free software with many versions 

4. MeshCAM
MeshCAM is an easy to learn and use engraving machine optimization software that can convert 2D and 3D designs into machine coding, while also providing fast processing speed and high-precision design tools. MeshCAM also has multi axis control function, which allows the machine to operate at various angles and directions.
Advantages: Advanced toolpath + design software 

5. Cut 3D
Cut 3D is a lightweight and easy-to-use engraving machine optimization software that is suitable for various materials, including wood, plastic, metal, etc. Cut 3D has a wealth of tools and templates that can help users quickly complete designs and convert them into machine codes, improving production efficiency.
Advantages: Work on diverse materials like metal and non metal materials 

6. TYPE3
It is a software made in France, and its functions are much more powerful. Whether it is 2D, 3D effects, or relief, it can be processed. However, its usage habits are different from what we usually use with WINDOWS software, and it is difficult to get started. However, its software has better professional performance.
Advantages:Stable and powerful software 

7. JDPaint
is a powerful carving software that allows you to carve lifelike artistic relief shapes. JDPaint professional carving software can be used for furniture carving, stamping hardware handicrafts, plastic craft products, jade carving, and other artworks. It is also suitable for manufacturing industries such as drop molding molds, high-frequency molds, small hardware, eyeglass molds, and copper electrodes.
Advantages: popular used in China with fulti functions and good operation experience .

8. Rhino
Rhino software is a small and powerful 3D modeling tool, with a size of only over 100 megabytes and low hardware requirements. However, don't underestimate it. It includes all the NURBS modeling functions, and modeling with it feels very smooth. Therefore, people often use it to model and export high-precision models for other 3D software to use.
Advantages: Very powerful software with easy to learn and operation 

9. Powermill
Commonly used for multi axis linkage paths, is commonly used in four axis 5 axis 3D engraving machines, but the path cannot be plotted. Usually we need powermill with post processer to work together then output proper toolpath g-code that 4 axis and 5 axis cnc router can read well to working it .
Advanced: at moment the most popular software used in 4 axis cnc 5 axis cnc router machines.

10. SprutCAM X 
This software is from Russia and popular used in Robot arm industry like robot arm cnc milling machine .
Without the need for other CAM software platforms, we can handle the following complex robot application scenarios: carving, cutting, 3D printing, spraying, sawing, welding, quenching, deburring, polishing, rolling, hot wire cutting, cladding, cleaning, sandblasting, shot peening, blade cutting and milling, trimming, gluing, welding, batch drilling, milling, etc.

Above some softwares are free and some softwares have cracked versions. 
Welcome to contact us if you want to know one or more this softwares.
We can supply the download link to you.
And we are sure as per industry development more and more advanced softwares will be created and benefiting the public !!


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