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Rhino 2000w Laser Metal Cutting Machine with CE ISO FDA Certificate

Item No.: RF-1530-2000
FOB Price:
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Min.Order Quantity:
1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability:
900 Set/Sets per Month
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Rhino 2000w Laser Metal Cutting Machine with CE ISO FDA Certificate RF-1530-2000
This is the most popular laser metal cutting machine with size 5ft by 10ft fiber laser cutter 2000w for all kinds of metal materials like carbon steel, stainless 
steel,aluminum,copper etc thickness up to 20mm no problem. 
We have CE and FDA certificate that can export to Europe and America smoothly.

Metal laser cutting Machine RF-1530-2000 main components
RF-1530-2000 Laser cutting headyes
1. Fiber laser cutting head,which has Z axis follow-up function. Highly sensitive and follow-up cutting head applies capacitance sensor monitoring, offering automatic adjusting function with stable and fast cutting.
2. All kinds of matching design of nozzle are applied to lens with many focuses and can also be equipped with optical lens with different focuses.
3. The focus and nozzle can be adjustable flexibly, including adjusting lens on X-Y direction and nozzles on the same axis

Control Boxyes
The control box of fiber laser cutting machine RF-1530-1000 is configured separately to reduce interference and easy to maintain.
To ensure the stability and avoid signal interferencewe use the following measures based on electrical technology 
1. The main circuit and control circuit are connected by wires separately bypass.
2. The wire of main controller use shielded or twisted wire.
3. The connection of motor and driver use separate outlet to avoid parallel with other wires.
4.  I/O interface chipcontrollersensor and the connector are as close as possible.5. The connect wire between upper and lower equipment use the Aerial plug connector and Weidmuller terminal block.

Safety Protection Systemyes
1. Laser module protection
2. The laser module have warning sign to introduce the laser out avoid harm from direct laser
3The cover have ground connection to avoid hurt from leakage.
4. The operator need to wear suitable laser protection glasses throughout the operation
5. Make sure the protection equipment have no wear and tear before operating; 
6. Do NOT look the laser out head at any time when the device is powered                                                             

External Transmission fiber Protect sectionyes
1. The workstation of external transmission fiber use imported high quality guide pulley and Limit device to fix and guide laser cable
2. The transmission fiber have protective cover made of special laser protection material to prevent the laser leak
The protective cover of transmission fiber have leak sensor,if the fiber fractured to cause the laser leak,the sensor will transmit the signal to control center immediately,then the control center will stop the laser equipment and alarm.

2000W high level CE version Raycus fiber laser source with warranty 2 years for free and long life time service yes

high power output suitable for industrial applications, compliance with CE safety standards, advanced technology for efficient laser processing, and reliability in various cutting, welding, and marking tasks.

What is the difference between fiber laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine??

1. Fiber laser cutting machine working is by fiber laser source that is high technology product & plasma cutting machine working is by plasma source that in market more than 20 years already
2. Fiber laser cutting machine cutting thickness from 0.5mm-12mm perfectly with best cutting precision and fast speed & plasma cutting machine cutting thickness from 1mm-30mm no problem but the slit is big and accurate is not so good 
3. Fiber laser cutting machine price is much higher than plasma cutting machine usually 2-3 times 

In a word, if you need a high precision cutting that your products need very perfect accurate you must consider the fiber laser cutting machine. Otherwise plasma cutting machine also no problem welcome to visit our website for plasma machine also.

Main Characteristics of fiber laser metal cutting machine RF-1530-2000

1. The slit is narrow, with high precision and good slit roughness, so there is no need to reprocess after cutting.
2. The laser processing system itself is a computer system, which can be easily arranged and modified, and is suitable for personalized processing. Especially for some sheet metal parts with complex contour and shape, there are many batches and small batches, and the product life cycle is not long. Judging from the perspective of Technology, economic cost and time, it is not cost-effective to manufacture molds, and laser cutting has particular advantages.
3. Laser processing has a large energy density, short acting time, small heat affected area, small thermal deformation and small thermal stress. In addition, laser processing is non-mechanical contact processing, which has no mechanical stress on the workpiece, so it is suitable for precision processing.
4. The high energy density of laser is enough to melt any metal, especially suitable for processing some materials with high hardness, high brittleness and high melting point that are difficult to be processed by other processes.
5. Low processing cost. The one-time investment of equipment is expensive, but the continuous and large-scale processing ultimately reduces the processing cost of each part.
6. The laser is non-contact processing, with small inertia and fast processing speed. With the software programming of CAD / CAM of CNC system, it is time-saving and convenient, with high overall efficiency.
7. The laser has a high degree of automation, can be fully closed processing, no pollution, low noise, greatly improving the working environment of operators.
8. Using single core semiconductor pump laser supply as pump source of fiber laser supply,which has long life span. The life span of RAYCUS fiber laser supply is at least more than 100,000 hours.
9. Lower electrical consumption, free of maintenance
10. Fiber laser supply has excellent thermal properties,high efficiency, water-saving, electricity-saving, the most important point is that fiber laser supply can be used for a long time without maintenance. In that way, a lot of maintenance cost and time will be saved and working efficiency will be much improved.
11. Machine working size 1500mmx3000mm and net weight 4000kg about

2000w laser metal cutting machine RF-1530-2000 accessories included :
EN Name Model Unit Quantity
Glasses   pair 1
Safety lens America quality piece 3
Spanner   set 1
Nozzle for stainless steel 1.2mm and 1.5mm piece 15
Nozzle for mild steel 1.2mm and 1.5mm piece 15
Tool box   piece 1
Exhaust fan    2.2kw set 1
Wind pipe     piece 1
Wind pipe clip   piece 3
Limit switch   piece 2
Power cable   meter 4
Water chiller CWFL-1000 set 1
Oxygen meter(high pressure)   set 1
Nitrogen meter(high pressure)   set 1
Air compressor   set 1
Handle Raycus set 1

Suitable materials and industry application
1.Widely used in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, automobile, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precision parts, ships, metallurgy equipment, elevators, household appliances, craft gifts, tool processing, decoration, advertising, and other fields.
2.Professional used to cut thin sheet metal, in a variety of high quality 0.5-10 mm carbon steel sheet cutting, also cut stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate, silicon steel, titanium alloy, aluminum zinc plate and other metal materials.

RF-1530-2000 Main Parameters:

Model R--1530-2000        
Laser type Fiber laser
Laser working medium Fiber
Laser wavelength 1070 nm
Rated output power 2000W RAYCUS brand(we also have 1500w/2200w/3000w/4000w for your option) CE version high level 
Beam quality 0.373mrad
Effective cutting range  3000×1500(mm) 
Table axial positioning accuracy ≤±0.03mm/m
Repeat positioning accuracy table ≤±0.02mm/m
Cutting speed ≤30m/min
Maximum table load 1600KG
Power Ratings Three-phase AC 380V 50Hz
Equipment electric power 10-20KW
Total power protection class IP54

RF-1530-2000 main components details:
No. Item Brand Country of origin
1 Fiber laser generator 2000W Raycus CE model  China
2 Lubrication system  Automatic China
3 Laser head Ray Tools China(famous in laser cutting head)
4 Reducer Shimpo
5 Water chiller CWFL800 Wuhan,China
6 Mechanical driving system High accurate bevel rack&pinion,PMI square rail TAIWAN
7 High precision auto following Cyput Shanghai,China
8 PC system Industrial computer TAIWAN
9 X axis servo unit Yaskawa 850w Japan
10 Y axis servo unit

Machine detail components photo :
  • Laser Source: Produces the high-powered laser for cutting.
    Raycus 2000w CE model is the high level fiber laser source in market , supply 2 years warranty for free and long life time service 

  • Electronic box: all electronic parts we use high quality to make sure working stable and long time use.
    Scientific and tidy arrangement, cables are high quality also with CE certificate to make sure safe to use .

  • Rails: Original and High precision PMI square rail and block made in TAIWAN, make sure machine movement stable and cutting effect high accurate.

  • Cutting Head: Focuses the laser on the material. We use Raytool number one brand laser head 

  • Control Panel: User interface for machine operation. Inside equipped with industry computer that control software installed well.
    When you receive machine just turn on and start to work directly.

  • Servo Motors: Enable precise movement of the cutting head and table.
    We use Japan YASKAWA 850w servo motor drivers with Japan shimpo reducer Nideco brand 

Machine cutting samples show :

What points you care before purchase :
1. Cutting ability: Inquire about the cutting ability of machine, including the applicable material type, maximum cutting thickness, etc.
This 2000w fiber metal laser cutting machine can cut metal thickness from 0.1mm to 20mm no problem, the detail cutting ability kindly contact our sales team.

2. Cost and performance: Inquire about the price, performance characteristics, and production efficiency of the equipment to ensure compliance with budget and requirements.
We have economic 2000w metal laser cutting machine and detail price as per its specifications.

3. Technical support: Understand the after-sales service and technical support situation, including training, maintenance, and warranty.

4. Equipment size: Inquire about equipment size to ensure suitability for the workplace, including space and power requirements.

5. Application areas: Understand the applicable application areas of the equipment, such as metal processing, manufacturing, etc.

6. Certificate standards: inquire about the certification standards of the equipment, such as CE certification, to ensure that the equipment meets quality and safety requirements.



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