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Stone Engraving Machine with 5x10ft and Ncstudio system

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Stone Engraving Machine with 5x10ft and Ncstudio system
This is Rhino Stone engraving machine with 5X10ft and heavy duty structure so that professional for marble granite 
glass metal etc hard materials engraving cutting milling drilling. Now this machine price for promotion !

How to find a good stone engraving machine:
1. Electric spindle:machining requires the rotation of the tool, the spindle drives the rotation of the tool through its own rotation. We recommend you to select the spindle motor of famous brands such as HQD,ChangShen etc, with the power not less than 5.5kW (including 5.5kW). Especially for customers who carve relief and granite stone, please do not use the spindle with small power.
2. Frequency converter, receiving the rotation signal sent by the computer, outputting variable current, driving the spindle to work. Two domestic good inverter brands are recommended, "Fulinginverter" and "delta inverter".
3. Working voltage, the voltage of the machine connected to the power supply, mainly 380V three-phase power and 220V single-phase power.
4. The driving motor is responsible for the power output of the engraving machine in all directions. There are four common types: stepping motor, hybri d servo motor, domestic servo motor and imported servo motor. Drive motor, we suggest that customers suggest the servo motors. Also stepper motor is no problem for stone engraving machine.
5. Precision machining of machine:means the parts which need to be processed with high precision. For example, lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, planer, double arm planer, machining center, etc. 
6. Heat treatment:machine underframe, gantry, head components, etc. if they are not treated after welding, the machine will deform with time, and the longer the time is, the larger the deformation will be. Heat treatment process is to eliminate and reduce this deformation.
7. Water tank.:The machine uses circulating water to spray water for tools cooling. The water tank is the place where water is stored. Rhino company use stainless steel material water tank in machine.
8. Table:it is the place where stone workpieces are placed on the machine. There are many kinds of designs for the table top, such as soft PVC on the aluminum profile plate, super hard polyester plate inlaid with aluminum profile strip, super hard polyester plate fixed on the channel steel table top, and super hard polyester plate fixed on the hollow table top, etc. Channel steel table and hollow table are convenient for machine tool cleaning, which is Rhino cnc company used in this stone cnc carving machine.

Features of Stone engraving machine R-1530
1. Optimize technology of frequency conversion to save 10 kilowatt hours per day.
2. The carving depth of one layer is up to 15 cm, and the speed is increased by 100 times.
3. Simple operation makes carving easier.
4. Automatic leveling, uneven stone can be engraved with flat words.
5. Special spindle which can work on all kinds of materials like hard stone, glass, metal etc
6. Strong power and precision. 5-year warranty, lifetime after-sale.
7. Professional waterproof treatment, so that the service life of the machine is more than 20 years.
8. Stainless steel water retaining treatment to protect the gantry beam of the equipment no damage.
9. The bed bears 10 tons, making the carving easier. Optional automatic feeding function
10. Stainless steel water tank is used as a whole.
11. It can achieve progressive carving (for double head carving machine, it can carve one pair at a time)
12. Add spindle temperature monitor. (the reserved interface for automatic shutdown after reaching the temperature is optional)

Working materials by stone engraving machine R-1530
This machine can work all kinds of materials like marble,granite,glass,metal,aluminum,steel,plastic,wood,pvc,acrylic,solid wood etc hard materials
Stone Series CNC Router R-1530
Items Parameters
Working area(mm) X 1500
  Y 3000
  Z 400
Table Structure Table Surface water sink+T-slot with Polyester covers
INVERTER BEST 5.5KW Good brand from China
Transmission system X Gear Rack from Taiwan
  Y Gear Rack from Taiwan
  Z Ballscrew from Taiwan but with German technology
Lead rail system X HIWIN Square guide rail from TAIWAN
  Y HIWIN Square guide rail from TAIWAN
  Z HIWIN Square guide rail from TAIWAN
Spindle Power 5.5kw
  Rotating Speed 0-24000 rpm
  Cooling Type Water-cooling
  Origin China CHANGSHENG brand
  Collect diameter 3/4/6/8/12.7mm
  Auto tool zero YES
About drive systems X                          Stepper motor
  Y Stepper motor
  Z Stepper motor
  motor and driver From China
Machine body Whole cast iron/inblock cast
Software environment Windows 98/2000/XP/windows 7
Control System Ncstudio with seperate control box 
Data reading mode line by line
Compatible file formats G code ; *.u00 ; *.mmg ; *.plt .
Working Voltage AC380V 50Hz/60hz 3 phase
Table size 1380*2550mm
Precision 0.005mm
Max speed 30m/min
Max engraving speed 30m/min
Max feeding height 400mm
Dust collector  for your option 
Payment terms 30% t/t in advance and 70% t/t before machine delivery
Delivery time 5-7 working days
Warranty guarantee One-year after-sale services
The above parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

Detail components of stone engraving machine:

1. Rotary for your option in this machine                   2. 5.5kw HQD top quality water cooling spindle with 4 bearings inside

3. New structure clamps 10 sets within machine package 

4. HIWIN20 square rail from Taiwan, we also have HIWIN25/HIWIN30 rail for your option

5. Stepper motor and drivers Leadshine brand original and if you want 220v voltage we use transformer inside 

6. Emergency switch and power switch on seperate control box  7.Famous ATNAJTA helical rack and pinion from Taiwan made

8. Auto oil pump with machine more easier to add oil for all rails and racks 

How we package and delivery this machine?

Firstly machines are inspected by engineers make sure no any problem then we have special workers who are professional for machine pacakge. We use plastic film cover machnes to avoid moisture on the sea then we use strong stap to tight machine all components well like gantry,table,dust collector and control panel etc

Then we will move it on the plywood bottom bracket. Setting it in the proper location then use air nail to fix machine legs well on the bracket. It will take about 1-2 hours then we make a full package with plywood box. Finally we use steel strap tight the whole plywood box and print shipping mark and something else as per customer requirement on outside of box. Now the whole process is finished well and it will take 2-3 hours to package it.

Engraving and Cutting samples by R-1530

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