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Can You Cut Foam with a CNC Router?

Can You Cut Foam with a CNC Router?

The answer is YES !
There have the Foam CNC Router professional for foam cutting,milling and engraving.
It  is a kind of mechanical equipment specially used for processing foam materials. It has the characteristics of high-precision engraving and cutting technology, fast, CNC cutting instead of traditional knife chopping, etc., which can improve efficiency and quality.
n addition, the foam engraving machine can also produce a variety of complex patterns and shapes, providing designers with greater creative space. Therefore, a foam cnc router is a very suitable choice for processing foam materials.

It should be noted that when using a foam engraving machine to process foam materials, you need to pay attention to the use and operation of the tool to avoid damage to the foam material. At the same time, after the engraving is completed, the foam model also needs to be properly processed to ensure its quality and stability.


There need a professional tools for foam mold milling ,it not only cut foam also are well used in fiberglass,EPS,PP,PE,EVA,Carbon fiber and other composites materials.

So find a suitable and high quality tool for foam is very important, we can choose from below:

1). Milling cutter types: High-speed steel milling cutters, tungsten carbide milling cutters, PCD milling cutters, etc. are commonly used types for foam engraving milling cutters.
High-speed steel milling cutters can process lower hardness foam, but are not suitable for harder foam boards and foam balls; tungsten carbide milling cutters have stronger processing hardness and are suitable for harder foams, but are relatively more fragile; PCD milling cutters Cutting hardness and wear resistance exceed those of the other two milling cutters, keeping them sharp for a long time.
For processing materials such as polyester (EPS), foam (PU), soft polyurethane, polyethylene (EVA), etc., high-speed steel milling cutters are the best choice.

2).Number of tool blades: During the engraving process of the foam engraving machine, choosing a two-edged or four-edged, deep-groove tool according to the situation can improve the smoothness of engraving and cutting, avoid knife sticking, and thus improve the working speed and efficiency of the engraving machine.

3).Suitable processing speed: Appropriately reducing the engraving speed of the foam engraving machine can better control the cutting process and ensure the accuracy of cutting.

4).Tool diameter: Choosing the appropriate tool diameter is very important for foam engraving processing. Generally speaking, the smaller the diameter of the tool, the finer the details produced, but the rigidity and durability of the tool will also be reduced accordingly.
Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable tool diameter based on processing requirements and equipment performance.

5).Tool material: The choice of tool material will also affect the quality and efficiency of foam carving. Generally speaking, materials such as high-speed steel, tungsten carbide and PCD are commonly used materials for foam engraving milling cutters. Different materials have different characteristics and application ranges. It is necessary to select suitable tool materials based on processing requirements and equipment performance.

6).Tool coating: Modern foam engraving milling cutters are often coated with a coating such as carbide or titanium nitride to increase the cutter's hardness and wear resistance. Choosing coated tools can extend the service life of the tool and improve processing efficiency.


After get a suitable cutter, you also need to choose the good CNC Router professional for foam milling.

Of course, the principle of the foam engraving machine is the same as that of the woodworking engraving machine. Due to the material of the foam itself, it is very light, so this foam CNC Router is different from the woodworking engraving machine. The gantry of the foam cnc router is first of all larger than the woodworking engraving machine. In surface milling accurate the foam cnc router no need high rrequirement as the wood cnc router.

Here we recommend you some popular foam mold cnc router below:

Large Moving Table 5-Axis CNC Machine Center, DMS 5 Axis CNC Router
New technology large table moving 5 axis cnc machine center similar as DMS 5-axis CNC Router but price is more competitive and delivery time is faster. It process soft material like EVA,Foam,polystyrene and medium hard material like wood and hard material as metal aluminum,steel etc.

Rhino DAMES 5 Axis CNC Router Woodworking for 3D Mold Sculpture Making
This is Rhino latest 5 axis cnc router RSKM25-V with DAMES 5 axis head L500 series and RTCP function that professional for Clay, wood,PE,foam,Aluminum 3D/4D/5D mold making especially in aircraft, cars etc

Economic 5 Axis CNC Router for Foam EPS Wood Aluminum Mould Making
5 axis CNC Router machine RSKM25-HG is professional for 3D 4D 5D mould makring with different materials like EPS,Foam,Styrofoam,Polystyrene,Polyurethane,Wood ,Aluminum etc 

Professional 5 Axis CNC Router for Foam Mold Sculpture Car Mold Aluminum Mold Boat Mold making
This 5 Axis CNC Router RSKM25-HZ is our large working size 5 axis cnc router machine. It only with two walls and z axis can be 2000mm no problem. Suitable for large project like cars,boats,aviation area etc

What difference between the Foam CNC Router & Wood CNC Router and what industry used foam mold made by foam CNC Router?
The principle is same as the woodworking engraving machine. Due to the material of the foam itself, it is very light, so this foam engraving machine is different from the woodworking engraving machine. The gantry of the foam engraving machine is much higher than the wood cnc router.Another thing, the level of fineness required is not as good as that of a woodworking engraving machine.

1. However, the products carved by the foam cnc router are mainly used in:
the first type is used in sculpture art and foam characters inside shopping malls, artistic characters and art furnishings inside shopping malls, children's theme parks and art stools inside shopping malls;

2. The second type is used in lost foam molds, such as ship molds, car shape molds, wheel molds and other molds.

3. Another kind is to use it on exterior wall decoration and EPS component exterior wall decoration.

If you have other ideas abouto foam mold usage welcome to share with us !
More machine details welcome to visit our website !


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