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What is CNC Foam Cutting Machine ?

What is CNC Foam Cutting Machine ?

CNC foam cutting machine have two types at moment in market one is advanced foam cnc router, another is hot wire cnc cutting machine. Below I will share details of Foam CNC Router and Hot wire cnc cutting machine.
Welcome to contact us if you have some other new technology in foam cutting and milling.

Foam CNC Router:
It also been called foam cutting machine and foam engraving machine.
There have 3 axis , 4 axis and 5 axis Foam cnc router in market.
3 axis foam cnc router is mainly for 2D cutting and milling surface on Foam.
4 axis and 5 axis foam cnc router also can make 3D molds and figurine sculptures in 0-360 degrees that show a beautiful working performance.
Usually foam cnc router table size is customized as customer required with large size like 1500mmmx3000mm/2000mmx3000mm/3000mmx5000mm etc. The z axis working height from 500mm-2000mm etc.

What's the difference between foam cnc router and wood cnc router?

The woodworking CNC Router industry is an original industry, while the foam cnc router industry is an emerging business. The foam cnc router is mainly suitable for engraving foam, styrene board, EPS etc, Wood cnc router is mainly processing wood, and wood molds.
The products corresponding to the foam engraving machine are generally used in sculptures, garden designs, foam characters, molds, as well as car molds, pump molds, etc. Most of the wood mold engraving machines are used to make wooden molds. The requirements are correspondingly higher, so when choosing a wood mold cnc router, there are generally more users who choose automatic tool changers, if both foam and wooden molds are available, our advise is chooseing one machine with a higher configuration.

Of course, the working principle for foam cnc router machine is the same as  the woodworking cnc router machine. Due to the material of the foam itself, it is very light and usually big size, so structure of this foam cnc router machine is different from the woodworking engraving machine. The gantry of the foam cnc cutting machine is first of all higher than the woodworking cnc machine. Even the level of fineness required is not as good as the wood mold cnc router but this foam cutting machine still need very good regidity and high strength 

Operation NOTE of  Foam cnc router 

1, The operator must be familiar with the performance and structure of the foam cnc router, get the operating procedures, and strictly follow the rules and maintenance procedures.
2, Non designated personnel are not allowed to use equipment casually, and fire prevention measures must be installed indoors.
3, The following work shall be done before starting the foam engraving machine:
1) Regularly keep the workbench drag plate, ball screw, and guide rail clean, and do not let dust or other debris enter to avoid affecting the accuracy of movement.
2) If there is shaking or vibration during the direction change of the wire rolling cylinder, it should be stopped immediately, checked for looseness of relevant parts, and adjusted in a timely manner.
3) Kerosene should be injected into the guide wheel bearings 1-2 times a week to maintain cleanliness and service life.
4) Special attention should be paid to the careful maintenance of the control console device and maintaining cleanliness.
5) Operators are not allowed to tamper with electrical components and control panel devices. If any problems are found, the machine should be stopped immediately and maintenance personnel should be notified for maintenance.
6) At the end of work or after work, cut off the power supply, wipe the machine tool and all control devices, keep them clean, cover all computers with a cover, clean the work site (to avoid dust flying), especially clean the sliding surface of the machine tool's guide rail, and add oil. Carefully make handover and operation records.

What purpose of Foam cnc router ?

1. Making models: foam is a kind of easy to process material. foam engraving milling cutter can quickly cut and carve various shapes and patterns, so it is often used to make various models, such as building models, car models, boat models,mechanical models, electronic product models, etc.

2. Prop production: foam cnc router is also commonly used to make various props, such as stage props, film props, exhibition props, etc. By using the foam engraving milling cutter, the shape and pattern of the props can be quickly and accurately cut out.

3. Setting production: In the fields of stage, film, exhibition, etc., various sets and backgrounds need to be produced. The foam engraving milling machine can quickly and accurately cut and carve the required shapes and patterns, so as to create realistic scenery and background.

4. Other uses: foam engraving milling cutter can also be used for other purposes, such as making artworks, decorations, handicrafts, etc.

In a word, foam cnc router is an efficient and accurate tool, which is widely used in many fields and can help people complete various processing tasks quickly and accurately.

HOT Wire CNC Cutting Machine 

The hot wire cnc cutting machine uses electric wire to cut foam.It is economic foam cutting machine that can cut different size with different shapes. It control the stepper motor to achieve X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis, A-axis four axis simultaneous cutting, and can cut various shapes such as 2D, 3D, cylindrical and conical fonts
Various drawing software such as CAD, CDR, UG, and SOLIDWORKS can be used for drawing, and then imported into Mach3 software to generate cutting with one click

There have one wire,two wires,three wires and most 6 wires for option .


Here recommend you some popular CNC Foam cutting machine models:

01, 5 axis foam cnc cutting milling machine for molds RSKM25-HG

This is Rhino latest 5 axis cnc router RSKM25-HG with DAMES 5 axis head L500 series and RTCP function that professional for Clay, wood,PE,foam,Aluminum 3D/4D/5D mold making especially in aircraft, cars etc.
High precision and fast milling speed.DEMAS 5 axis rotate head with 10kw Hiteco water cooling spindle motor professional for all kinds of hard wood,aluminum,plastic,PP,PE,Foam etc
Also can make dining table,chairs,cabinets and all types of Foam wooden furnitures.

02,  4 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Wood Foam with ATC function 

This 4 axis cnc milling machine RSKM25-H is with two main fucnctions one spindle turn 180 degree left and right and
secondly function is ATC linear tool changer. It is good for wood,PE,EPS,foam cutting milling drilling etc.

03, 3 Axis CNC Router Z axis 500MM for Wood Foam Aluminum Milling Cutting R-1530H

This CNC Router CNC Engraving machine with z axis 500mm height is professional for wood foam,PE,EPS ets hard materials cutting milling drilling that can make different products like moulds of boat, cars, furnitures etc.

04, Hot wire CNC Cutting machine with hot line 1-6 pieces

3D Hot wire cutting machine consists of a structural steel welded frame with structural steel harp carriage and wire harp.
Motion and hot wire control systems are both solid states. The motion control system includes a high-quality Two Axis Motion Controller, Stepping drives, and control system.
It also includes DXF software for simple and easy file conversion. The hot wire control system is AC powered and will Single to max six pieces wires for your option.


If you have any other more new technoogy foam cnc cutting machine welcome to share here !!!
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