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1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Cutting

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1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Cutting
1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Cutting RF-1530-1000 is with Raycus 1000w source that can cut steel,iron,aluminum max 6-10mm perfectly.

Suitable materials and industry application
Widely used in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, automobile, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precision parts, ships, metallurgy equipment, elevators, household appliances, craft gifts, tool processing, decoration, advertising, and other fields. Professional used to cut thin sheet metal, in a variety of high quality 0.5 6 mm carbon steel sheet cutting, also cut stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate, silicon steel, titanium alloy, aluminum zinc plate and other metal materials.

Main Characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine RF-1530-1000

  1. Superb quality of laser beam,constant BP within all the ranges of laser powers,so that long focus can still get pretty small laser spot.
  2. Special wavelength(1070nm), having special capability of cutting highly-reflective materials,such as aluminium, cooper and brass,etc.
  3. electro-optical conversion efficiency of laser supply>25%, much more efficient than CO2(10%), so that consumption of electricity has been depleted very much.
  4. Laser is transmitted by fiber cables, almost no consumption during transmission.
  5. Modular design, “using immediately after plugging in”, mini size,easy to be installed, no maintenance of laser supply and transmission system of laser beam.
  6. Life span of pumping source 100,000 hours
  7. Precise quality of laser beam with pretty small divergence angle.
  8. Incomparable life span
  9. Using single core semiconductor pump laser supply as pump source of fiber laser supply,which has long life span. The life span of RAYCUS fiber laser supply is at least more than 100,000 hours.
  10. ·Lower electrical consumption, free of maintenance
  11. Fiber laser supply has excellent thermal properties,high efficiency, water-saving, electricity-saving, the most important point is that fiber laser supply can be used for a long time without maintenance. In that way, a lot of maintenance cost and time will be saved and working efficiency will be much improved.

    Machine three main components
    R-1325-1000 Laser cutting headyes
    1. Fiber laser cutting head,which has Z axis follow-up function. Highly sensitive and follow-up cutting head applies capacitance sensor monitoring, offering automatic adjusting function with stable and fast cutting.
    2. All kinds of matching design of nozzle are applied to lens with many focuses and can also be equipped with optical lens with different focuses.
    3. The focus and nozzle can be adjustable flexibly, including adjusting lens on X-Y direction and nozzles on the same axis

    Control Boxyes
    The control box of fiber laser cutting machine RF-1530-1000 is configured separately to reduce interference and easy to maintain.
    To ensure the stability and avoid signal interferencewe use the following measures based on electrical technology 
    1. The main circuit and control circuit are connected by wires separately bypass.
    2. The wire of main controller use shielded or twisted wire.
    3. The connection of motor and driver use separate outlet to avoid parallel with other wires.
    4.  I/O interface chipcontrollersensor and the connector are as close as possible.5. The connect wire between upper and lower equipment use the Aerial plug connector and Weidmuller terminal block.
    Safety Protection Systemyes
    The laser radiation have some damage on the human body which make the protection of the whole system very important
     Laser module protection
    2. The laser module have warning sign to introduce the laser out avoid harm from direct laser
    3The cover have ground connection to avoid hurt from leakage.
    4. The operator need to wear suitable laser protection glasses throughout the operation
    5. Make sure the protection equipment have no wear and tear before operating; 
    6. Do NOT look the laser out head at any time when the device is powered                                                              External Transmission fiber Protect section
    1. The workstation of external transmission fiber use imported high quality guide pulley and Limit device to fix and guide laser cable
    2. The transmission fiber have protective cover made of special laser protection material to prevent the laser leak
    3. The protective cover of transmission fiber have leak sensor,if the fiber fractured to cause the laser leak,the sensor will transmit the signal to control center immediately,then the control center will stop the laser equipment and alarm.

RF-1530-1000 Main Parameters:

Model R--1530-1000        
Laser type Fiber laser
Laser working medium Fiber
Laser wavelength 1070 nm
Rated output power 1000W RAYCUS brand
Beam quality 0.373mrad
Effective cutting range  3000×1500(mm) 
Table axial positioning accuracy ≤±0.03mm/m
Repeat positioning accuracy table ≤±0.02mm/m
Cutting speed ≤30m/min
Maximum table load 1600KG
Power Ratings Three-phase AC 380V 50Hz
Equipment electric power 10-20KW
Total power protection class IP54
RF-1530-1000 main components details:
No. Item Brand Country of origin
1 Fiber laser generator 1000W Ray cus China
2 Lubrication system  
3 Laser head Ray Tools China(famous in laser cutting head)
4 Reducer Shimpo
5 Water chiller CWFL800 Wuhan,China
6 Mechanical driving system High accurate bevel rack&pinion,PMI square rail TAIWAN
7 High precision auto following Cyput Shanghai,China
8 PC system Industrial computer TAIWAN
9 X axis servo unit Yaskawa 850w Japan
10 Y axis servo unit Yaskawa 850w Japan
11 Z axis servo unit Yaskawa 400w Japan
12 Reducer motor Shimpo Japan
13 Cutting software Cypcut Shanghai,China
14 I/O card Cypcut Shanghai,China
15 Working table Knife table with strictly hardening,tempering and annealing treatment,frame thickness 10mm Jinan,China
16 Button module Schneider China
17 AC Contactor Schneider China

Different material cutting thickness list
Zincoat Sheet / SS
Thickness(mm) speed(mm/s) Pressure(Mpa) Gas Height(mm)
0.5 >400 1 N2 0.6
1 280~350 1.1 N2 0.6
2 90~120 1.5 N2 0.6
3 50 0.4 N2 0.6
4 45 0.15 N2 0.6
5 30 0.1 N2 0.6
6 20 0.08 O2 0.6
8 10 0.08 O2 0.6
Carbon Steel 
Thickness(mm) speed(mm/s) Pressure(Mpa) Gas Height(mm)
1 250-300 1 O2 1
2 85-100 0.5-0.8 O2 1
3 58-70 0.25-0.4 O2 1
4 38-45 0.15-0.2 O2 1
5 20-30 0.15-0.2 O2 1
6 15-18 0.1-0.15 O2 1
8 10-15 0.1-0.15 O2 1
10 12 0.1-0.15 O2 1
12 12 0.1-0.15 O2 1
Thickness(mm) speed(mm/s)        Pressure(Mpa)          Gas         Height(mm)      
1.5 120-130 1.1 N2/Air 0.8
2.5 60-70 1.1 N2/Air 0.8
3 30 1.1 N2/Air 0.8
4 10 1.1 N2/Air 0.8

Fiber cutting machine detail parts show

1. TAIWAN YYC helical rack and TAIWAN PMI square rail for transmission

2. Strong machine table that can hold thickness 12mm steel perfectly very stable 

3. Japan Yaskawa servo motor drivers 850w with shimpo reducer 

4. Machine head with LED light in working green color if stop then turn to red color + remote handle 

5. Seperate control box with panel                                                   6. Automatic oil box 

7. RayTool laser head with auto following function etc latest functions 

Machine package and delivery 

Since this model RF-1530-1000 package width 2.3meter we only can put it on the wooden pallet but we will tight it perfectly and fix it well inside of container so no need any worry about the transportation no matter by sea or by train.
Q1,What is warranty and service you have?
A:Machine warranty 2 years for free and long life time serice and we have professional engineers who are responsible for service. We offer online/telephone/email service 7x24 hours.
We have online talking group in WhatsApp and Wechat with engineers and customers 
Q2,How can I confirm machine specifications?
A:Firstly we need to know the working size you need and what is materials you want to cut also if you have your own requirements let me know at anytime please
Q3,What is software of machine you use?
A:We use Cypuc standard version that professional for thick metal cutting solution perfectly
Q4,Do you offer training for the softwares?
A:Yes, we have engineer who work this two softwares so you can come our factory or we send them to your company to give you training 
Q5,Could you customized this fiber laser cutting machine as per our detail requirement?
A:Yes, you give us all your detail requests and we make agreement then start machine productime 

We have two workshops one for cnc router production and another for laser cutting machine production.
Every month export more than 100 machines to different countries like India.Thailand,Europe and America etc 
Now we are looking for more agents in whole world and win-win together in globe market.


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